Winter Must-Haves for the Rural Lifestyle


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Winter decided to give us a sneak peek this weekend.  Even though it’s hard to adjust to the cold after such a warm fall, I’d say we were pretty prepared for the major temperature drop, snow, and cold winds.  Here’s what our little farm in Ohio looked like Sunday morning.


When weather like this comes around, there are some essentials any rural-ite needs.  Here’s my list of necessities:

  1. Warm, waterproof boots.  My choice: The Original MuckBoots.  These are seriously so comfortable and also pretty warm.  They have a lining that keeps heat in, but never gets too warm even in the spring or summer.  I’ve had mine a little over a year now, and I really don’t know how I went without them for so long.
  2. Comfortable, warm, durable bibs.  My choice:  Carhartt Sandstone Bibs.  These are an absolute must.  My husband actually bought me the pair I have now before we got married, and I instantly fell in love with them.  Yes, the bibs.  I know it sounds funny, but when you get a good quality pair of bibs that actually fit you well, they make working outside in the cold so much better.  I throw them on over leggings, jeans, pajama pants, you name it.  They keep me warm and dry.  Once you break them in out of that stiff, uncomfortable stage, they are so cozy.  And I love being able to carry water buckets, throw hay bales around, and get snowed on, all while not having to worry about getting wet or cold, or about getting my other clothes dirty.
  3. Warm and durable coat with a hood.  My choice: Berne Ladies Jacket.  This coat is actually rather new to me.  My old work coat is still hanging in our mud room because I can’t let it go–my parents bought me a youth XL Carhartt coat when I was maybe 10, knowing full well I would grow into it and have it a long time.  So when the zipper busted and it just seemed time to get a new one, I did–but that old green Carhartt isn’t going anywhere.  Anyways, this new coat is amazing.  It’s kind of another weird color–like a berry/wine color, but it is longer in the back (total score!), and has zipper and button closures, along with a detachable hood.  I’m on the fence about coats having hoods, so I love that I can take it off if needed.  It has a flannel plaid design lining, and it’s really just great all around.  It took me less than 24 hours to break it in and get it dirty.
  4. A variety of gloves: waterproof, insulated, durable, non-bulky.  My choices:  SSG Original All Weather Gloves.  I wear these for riding when it’s cold out because they keep my fingers warm without all the bulk.  Kind of hard to tack up a horse and hold the reins if your gloves get in the way.  SSG The Winter Rancher Glove.  These are lined with flannel and are amazing.  They hold up well to doing work around the farm, and keep your hands cozy.  Hi-Dexterity Gloves. These are my every-day work gloves.  They keep my hands warm even throughout some of the colder months, while still allowing me to handle a variety of things with my fingers–hence the name!  They hold up pretty well to water, as long as you don’t dunk your hand in a bucket or anything!  Kinco Lined Glove.  These are the gloves I turn to when it gets really cold and I don’t want to chance any numb fingers.  They are a bit bulky so I save them for when they’re absolutely needed.  The fleece lining is so soft on my fingers and they are pretty water resistant.
  5. A snug and cute hat.  My Choice: Carhartt Pom Pom Hat.  Basically, Carhartt is my go-to.  So is mint green.  This hat is super warm and fits just right, and I actually wear it around the house after I come inside from the barn.
  6. Also gotta have a snug and cute headband.  My choice: Carhartt Knit Headband.  I just recently stumbled upon this and thought MUST.HAVE.THIS.HEADBAND.  It’s actually pretty stylish and I will probably wear it with everything.
  7. Neck gaiter to finish up the head to toe coverage: Thermal Neck Warmer.  I discovered neck gaiters last year, and really I don’t know where they have been all my life.  So much better than scarves when you are just trying to get work done in the cold!

Layer up, throw on these outerwear items, and you’re good to go!

Are there any necessities you would add to this list, or any favorites you have?



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