Why I Blog


I know that everyone has a story to tell.  I also know that two people living a very similar lifestyle can tell the same story in completely different ways.  That is why blogs exist.

I blog for many reasons.

I blog because, like many others, I think I have a story worth telling.

I blog because I enjoy writing and reading.

I blog because I have had several people ask about my lifestyle – farming, riding horses, growing a garden, etc – and have seen how intrigued they become as I tell them about it.   The more times this happened, the more I started to think…Hmm, maybe other people will want to read about my story online, too….

I blog because when I told my husband about my idea, he said go for it!

And I blog because others inspire me.  Friends, acquaintances, and people I don’t even know who have started blogs–they all inspire me.

Do I hope that my blog reaches a lot of people?  Of course.  Do I hope that it helps someone with something at some point in time?  Yes.  Do I hope that it opens up doors and creates opportunities?  Very much so.  These things take time and a lot of work, and I have found they are the driving force behind my true reasons for why I blog.  They keep me going when it would be so easy to not sit down at my computer desk to write, connect with others, and research the blogging industry.

Everyone has their own reasons behind why they do things, and learning about people’s reasons can be very eye opening and a great learning experience.  Talking to others and finding out their WHYs has really helped me to be more open minded.  I encourage everyone to take some time to learn more about people and why they do things, even if it is something you don’t understand.  You never know, you may walk away with a new appreciation for something you never considered.

And in case you were wondering just HOW many people actually blog (over 6 million!) I found this super cool infographic that shows you.  Check it out!

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  1. Ashley Woodworth says:

    The part about your husband telling you to go for it reminded me of my speech at your wedding. 🙂 It’s nice to have support.

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