When The Weather Is In Charge

I didn’t grow up as part of a farming family.  I grew up in the country, but we rode horses.  Most of our free time, physical labor, and “chores” revolved around caring for horses.  And not just horses used for leisure.  We had competitive athletes that carried us through barrel and pole patterns almost every weekend.  So I get the aspect of hard work, but I never understood that the weather and “farming seasons” dictated the rest of life’s schedules.  Until now.  For example, my husband and I have been dreaming up our perfect garden for the past two months.  We just kept waiting to be able to plant it.  Between the impending frost and our busy schedules, we were just waiting for the opportunity.  Then before I knew it, it was planting season.  Well, there went the garden.

A few days into planting season we got together for my nieces’ birthday party–on my husband’s side–without my husband and father in law, of course.  I was talking to my sister in law and she told me she had planted her garden the previous weekend.  Needless to say, I was jealous.  I told her I I was getting anxious and didn’t know when we would get to plant ours, and you know what her response was?  “Growing up, we didn’t plant the garden until planting season was over.”  Hmm…what an interesting concept I thought.  Now, growing up we did not plant a garden.  So I did not know one way or the other as far as gardens go.   But we also did not have anything that would prevent us from planting one if we had wanted.  Sure, I could say that horseshows determined our schedules for other things, but it was usually only one to two days, and we could make the decision of what shows to go to and how far to travel.

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