When The Barn Calls

As anyone with animals knows, they require care and attention.  And are like family members.  When you decide to get an animal, you commit to it.  You make a promise to that animal that you will nourish it, provide it with shelter, and if you’re like me–shower it with love.

Whether pets or livestock, they are all equally important on our farm.  We have dogs, barn cats, horses, chickens, and ducks.  I can’t even count the number of times I have gone to work with my hair tossed into a bun, make-up unfinished, and wearing an “ehh” outfit…..or the times I have strolled into work at the absolute last minute….or left at lunch for an un-planned visit home, all because I was in the barn tending to an animal.

When an animal is sick or injured, or something unexpected happens, everything else gets put aside.

When your 23 year old horse stops eating, starts looking at her side and pawing at the ground, and then proceeds to go through a 24 hour bout of colic, everything else suddenly does not matter.

When you lose a chicken and can’t find any sign of trauma, you forget everything else you had planned for the day and sanitize the entire coop to protect the other chickens.

When the heat lamp explodes into pieces in the duckling pen, everything else can wait.  Instead, you find yourself in dress clothes and heels picking up pieces of glass, and moving cords around to hang a new lamp.

When your horse gets a small puncture wound and its leg swells up, everything else gets put on the backburner.

When your dog gets into something he shouldn’t have, you drop everything to rush him to the vet.

sammy cats

mare shelby

mare cat


chickens outside

mare and abby


This is my life.  And while sometimes it is mentally and physically draining, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.



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