Sometimes You Just Need Help

I don’t often ask for help.  Yes, I’ll ask my husband for help, but outside of that, I don’t reach out to others for the same.

That independent, don’t bother anyone else with your workload, mindset comes from how I grew up.  My parents did almost everything on their own, and seldom hired anyone to do anything.   Doing things on my own gives me a sense of pride and I also don’t want to take up anyone else’s time, because we’re all busy.

But…I may have subconsciously, or knowingly (not 100% sure on this one), dropped some hints over the last month about the things I wanted to get done around our farm.  But only to my parents!  They knew that my husband was busy with harvest, and they could tell I was getting stressed and about to lose my sanity over the never-ending list of things to do.  And not things like clean the house or clean the barn–more like fix fences, re-wire hotwire, and oil barn doors to make them open and close easier.

So last Sunday, as I was drinking my coffee and making my list for the day, my parents called just to talk.  I told them about my list and they asked what was on it.  I think they could hear the feeling of defeat in my voice as I read off the items.  They just listened, and then told me what they were doing that day.  We said our I Love You’s, and hung up.  About a half hour later, my mom called back and asked if I would like them to come down and help me.  Umm…YES.  Then right before they were about to head my way, my dad called and asked what he needed to bring.  He already had a fence charger, insulators, numerous hand tools, and drills and bits packed up.  Every time he goes anywhere to work on a project, he brings two five-gallon buckets with basically any supply you could need.  He is always prepared.

We worked from the time they got here at noon, to shortly before six.  Basically until dark with these shorter days!  We fixed fence, installed a new fence charger, re-strung hotwire, and oiled and shortened barn doors.  Yes, we shortened barn doors!….by cutting off an inch of wood along the bottom.  And to top it off, my husband was able to make it home to help!




It was one of those days where you completely disconnect from the outside world and just focus on what is going on around you, so I only grabbed my phone to snap a couple of pictures!  We were lucky to have beautiful warm weather–that always makes outside projects more fun.

When are some times you’ve turned to others for help on projects?



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