I grew up in a rural area in the northwest corner of Ohio.  I didn’t grow up in a farming family, but we lived on five acres, had animals, and showed horses.  Generations past on both sides had done the same, so it is in my blood.  I did find my way to a farmer though, and married him up as soon as I could!  We still live in Ohio– my farmer just had to move me a bit south to where he is from.

For a wedding gift for my husband, I had a sign made that said S & S Fruth Farms Est. 2013, with a red background and white letters.  Because isn’t red and white THE classic barn color scheme?  We hung it on our barn, and it has become the name our place goes by.

On our small hobby farm of seven acres, we have horses, chickens, ducks, and honeybees.  We sell farm fresh eggs and raw honey locally.  Our chickens are fed an all-natural diet that consists of a balanced layer feed, and fruits and vegetables.  Their coop is very spacious, and they are turned out daily to enjoy green grass and the sunshine.  We extract our honey with as little disruption to the bees as possible, and always leave plenty of honey for them to feed on.

Our passion lies within using the resources we have to provide natural products to others, and we hope to expand our farm-product offerings soon.

I love everything that comes with living a rural lifestyle.  The land, the wide-open space, the animals, and the calm.  This way of life, combined with my husband’s passion for farming, has inspired me to use the resources we have to live a more self-sufficient, healthy, and rewarding life.  And that’s what this blog is dedicated to.

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