Rural & Glam



Wait…is there such a thing?

If you’re going to rock a rural lifestyle, you have to be ready to rock a lot of other things.

Dirt under your fingernails.  Every day.  All the time.

Dry, dirty hands.

Smeared, messed up make up. 

Mud.  Everywhere.

Dirty hair.  Like actually full of dirt.

Barn things tracked into the house.  Dirt, hay, straw, feathers, hair that is not yours.  

Icy cold fingers because some things just cannot be done wearing gloves.

Wearing buckets of water because sometimes they’re just too heavy to keep steady.

Wearing nice clothes to the barn and crossing your fingers you don’t get them dirty, because sometimes there’s just no time to change.

Not caring about germs.

I’m sure there are SO many more things I could add to this list.  These are just the few that came to mind right away.

What would you add to the list?




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