Repurposed Barn Shutter

So it seems that repurposed items are all the rage right now.  And I feel like for good reason–they are usually relatively cheap if you go the DIY route, and they look awesome.  With my husband having torn down a couple barns in recent years, quite a few shutters, doors, barn siding, and other random items have found their way into my barn for storage.  When an idea and motivation strike at the same time, I just go pick what I want.  I am still learning, and sometimes don’t have the patience for how long these projects take, but spray paint and a fun piece of hardware usually do the trick.  That is what I did with this shutter that I decided to put in our office for organization/decoration.  I sanded and scraped off the big chunks of loose paint and then used a teal-ish can of spray paint I had in the basement.  I had pulled out all the old nails in the shutter, and then screwed a small glass door knob into one of the nail holes.  The shutter slats are open, so anything you put in between them WILL fall out the back side, even against a wall.  That is where the burlap comes in.  I used a staple gun to fasten the burlap, and it has been strong enough to hold the lightweight things I am putting into the shutter–stamps, labels, and notepads so far.


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