Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose

When it comes to gardening it seems that everyone has their special “secrets” and way of doing things.  While we don’t have a secret per say, we have our own way of just getting the job done.

It may not be pretty or the textbook way, but it’s our way.  We don’t buy dirt or fertilizer, and we don’t start “fresh” every year.  Instead, when it comes to gardening season, we let horse manure come full circle.

The horses make a mess of our beautiful stalls, we scoop the mess, and take it to the chickens.


chickens manure

The chickens break the manure down- they pick the good stuff out they want to eat, and scratch and ground up the rest.  It decomposes over time in their run and becomes really good dry fertilized material to use for gardening.

dry material

I helped myself to some of this super fertilizer last week to fill up my raised beds.  I have a variety of lettuces and herbs planted, and some volunteer lettuce growing from last year.  I also decided to try a lettuce pallet this year.   If everything grows as well as it did last year, we will be making a lot of salads and flavoring a lot of dishes!


volunteer lettuce

lettuce herb garden


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