Old Door Turned Wipeboard

I’m not really sure why it took me so long to catch onto the DIY wipeboard idea.  It never even occurred to me that anything with glass could be written on with a dry erase marker and EASILY WIPED OFF.  How perfect!!  Yes, this method does require a little more caution than an actual dry erase board, with it being fragile and all, but it’s just so easy!  In my quest to become more organized I searched Pinterest up and down and then bought a few picture frames at the local craft store.  I tend to stress myself out with over-thinking things, so in this case I told myself I knew what I wanted and I was going to make it happen.  Hours later I thought to myself–well I probably have picture frames somewhere that I can take pictures out of and re-use.  So I put the two smaller frames back in the bag with the receipt and decided to return them after the weekend.   But I had bought a larger frame that was going to be just perfect for my main project — writing in all of the events and trips we had coming up.  I was so looking forward to being able to look at the wall and SEE the year.

I had a yellow cardboard backing to go behind the glass so it would contrast with the markers, and I had spray painted the frame white.   I was almost ready to finish the project.

…..Until the glass broke.  I was not happy.  In fact, it was one of those situations where it was best that I didn’t speak.  My husband could tell things were not good, and he disappeared for a while.  But it wasn’t because he was scared of me–well maybe a little– but it was to save the day!  He had cleaned up an old white door and brought it in to be my wipeboard.  We propped it up against the wall, right in front of the desk, and it was instantly amazing.  It serves its purpose, AND it is rustic and repurposed.  Check it out!20160111_185553


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