Meet the Farm: Shelby, the Shetland Sheepdog

I thought I’d try a new series where you all get to meet the animals on our farm.  First up is my baby girl, Shelby.  It’s really going to be hard for me to keep this short and sweet, and narrow down which pictures to share!

Likes: Sticks, biting ankles, chasing horses, snow, barking, downward dog, high-fives and fist bumps, butt scratches, eating cat food and other gross things, watching dogs on TV, riding in cars, four-wheelers, boats, golf carts, and hiding in corners or under tables.

Dislikes: Anyone in her space, cuddling, baths and being in water, and hiccups and burps.  (She is actually terrified of hiccups and has been known to hide from me when I get them.)

Shelby was born sometime in August as a result of breeders who had decided to stop breeding shelties, but never separated the male and female.  Right around this time I was getting ready to move into a house with my boyfriend, and I told my mom I wanted a dog.  She started looking and quickly found little Lilly—(I had already thought of the name Shelby but my mom had other ideas).  So Lilly is what she went by for a week when she lived with my parents, until I flew home to get her.  My mom picked me up at the Columbus airport, and Shelby was in the truck waiting. We had a full weekend ahead of us– we were going to stay with my sister in Columbus and go to Quarter Horse Congress.  Poor puppy was so tired after being carried around all weekend and getting so much attention!


I made special arrangements in advance–calling the airline and seeing what I needed to do for my very special carry-on.  Health certificate, some extra money, and Shelby had a reservation.

In my pet carrier!

I took this picture in the Baltimore airport waiting for our connecting flight.  Looking back I was a terrible puppy-mom.  I had never flown with a dog before, and it never occurred me to get her water! 🙁  She did well on the flight though and never got sick.  She also relieved herself on the carpet.  Everyone watched and laughed while she made a little puddle.  I’m sure that’s not the worst that terminal has seen!

Shelby is extremely well-behaved and basically house-trained herself.  She was my first inside dog, and I had no idea what I was doing.  I now take her everywhere I can, and sometimes decline invitations if it means leaving my dogs. She travels with me to horse shows, helps me do barn chores every day, and is basically my shadow.  She is also extremely sensitive and gets upset easily.  I treat her like a princess and smother her in hugs and kisses on a regular basis.

Shelby and me on my wedding day. She was part of our wedding– in that she roamed freely the entire time.

Shelby came into my life in 2010, and now here we are almost seven years later.  We’ve went through three homes together, many road trips and adventures, and overall a lot of changes.  She’s had many pet friends come in and out of her life, and people.  And so have I.  But the one constant we have is each other.

Do you have a special animal like this in your life?


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