Life Dreams I Never Saw Coming

It’s funny how the path of life changes.  From elementary school to middle school to high school to college, and then after, the path of life can change so much.  When I was really young I wanted to be a teacher.  There was seriously nothing else I wanted to do besides stand in front of a pretend classroom and write on the chalkboard in the play house my dad had built for my sister and me.  There were desks, chairs, filing cabinets, books, and a wagon wheel chandelier–everything an 8 year old teacher could ever need.  The playhouse would end up serving many purposes over the years, but for quite a few of those years it was a classroom.

I went through phases of wanting to be a few other things when I grew up – an orthodontist, a vet, a nutritionist.  I’m sure there were more, but I didn’t become any of them so who really cares.  Just the other day I came across a journal I kept in high school – for like one month – that had an entry in it about me wanting to work in a big city and wear fancy dress suits.  No. Way. Never. Ever.

Then when I started college my major was undecided.  But you know what?  Nothing wrong with that!  A lot of people go in set on one major, and then end up changing their minds anyways.  Being undecided for a year and a half (I wonder if my parents were ever concerned….?) was the right choice for me.  I ended up choosing Journalism and decided I wanted to use my education to find a job in the equine industry.  I also knew at this point that having horses in my life was important to me, and that I would continue to ride no matter my path.  Finally, a direction!  I followed this path for a while, moved away, and then during an unexpected turn of events, found myself living back in my parents’ house.  The plan was to move back out of their house and leave Ohio again within the year.

….But I never left Ohio.  Instead, I met a farmer.  And married him.

Our Wedding Day - August 10, 2013. Backyard wedding at my parents' house. Tractor courtesy of the farm.

Our Wedding Day – August 10, 2013. Backyard wedding at my parents’ house. Tractor courtesy of the farm.

So now that you have a little background of how I got to this point, here they are – the Life Dreams I Never Saw Coming:

  1. Living in Ohio:  “Home is Where the Heart Is”– This quote is clearly referencing Ohio.  I’ll admit it, I was one of those silly teenagers who at some point or another said there was nothing to do in Ohio.  But then I learned that a lot of people say that A LOT of places.  It’s all about what you make of it.  Do I still think I would have loved to live out west for a period of time? Yes.  But instead I think we will just take more vacations there.  At the end of the vacation, I’m coming back to Ohio.  And you can’t stop me.
  2. Being a Farmer:  Now that I have married into a farming family, I can’t imagine any other way of life.  I have always had a slight interest in farming, and respected the work farmers do, but now I AM ONE.  Is it still hard to adjust to the lifestyle of farming?  The weather ruling all family events/vacation timing/dinners/home projects?  Yes.  A hundred times yes.  But that’s farm life.  I’ll throw a fit, then move on.
  3. The Desire to Move Towards Self Sufficiency:  I love being able to raise the food we eat.  I owe my husband for leading us to this path.  My gardening skills were non existent, as were my chicken keeping skills.  But we’ve mastered both together!  And for the most part we have beekeeping figured out.  Who knows what else we will get into!
  4. Upgrading Farm Equipment:  I never thought I would get excited over a brand new New Holland big square baler that stacks three high.  But when we got one last year for the farm, I found myself talking all about it if someone even slightly hinted at a conversation about straw.  That’s when it hit me….I have turned into my husband!
  5. Buying Farm Ground:  This is the big one.  Like huge.  I grew up on 5 acres.  That was way more than most of my friends had, and plenty enough for us to have our pond, horse barn, pastures, rows and rows of pine trees, and room to ride four-wheelers, golf carts, and snowmobiles.  Now my husband and I live on seven acres.  Hey, I’m moving up in the world!  What more could I need?  Well, after many discussions about goals, finances, the farming operation, and my husband’s dream of wanting to buy more ground– it is now a shared dream.  We have been saving like crazy to hopefully make this dream come true someday.  Ground is for sale on a regular basis, yes.  But my husband knows land prices and constantly watches the farming market.  So we wait.  We wait for the right ground at the right time.  Until then, every time I think…ooh I want a new couch, or ….ooh I want a new vehicle…or even the little stuff that adds up, I ask myself, “Do I really need this?”  The answer is usually no.  I can’t lie to you and say the answer is always no — I’m a woman.  Who has horses.  (Doesn’t that say it all?)  But, as for the new couch, we don’t even spend enough time in the living room to deserve a new one. 😉

If you would have told me just five years ago that these life dreams were headed my way, I probably wouldn’t have believed you.  Well, with the exception of number one.  Ohio was just meant to be.

And yes, there are more dreams swirling around, but these five are the main ones.  The others still need to unfold in due time.

So, have you ever taken a moment to think about how much your dreams have changed over the years?



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