A Farmhouse Kitchen

I love my house.  It’s an old two-story brick farmhouse that was built in 1873.  Lacking character, it is not.  Lacking an open floor plan and counter space, it is.  I really don’t mind not having an open floor plan, because I grew up in a house with a lot of room separation.  But the kitchen I’ve got plans for.


I dream of a more modern kitchen like I see in newer homes– abundant counter  space, open cabinets, and room to move around.  I don’t plan on completely abandoning its rustic and quaint character whenever the time comes that my husband gives the OK to do some remodeling, but I do want to have a more efficient space.

Once again, someday.

Our kitchen has kind of an interesting set-up.  Some people have suggested it was originally designed for a “maid’s quarters,” because even though our house has four other outside doors, the kitchen has its own door.  And while we have a main staircase at the front of the house that leads to a landing between all of the bedrooms upstairs, the kitchen has its own staircase that leads directly to a bedroom right above.


Two outside doors, one into the kitchen and one into an entry way of sorts.





When we first bought our house my husband and I were absolutely certain we would never use the staircase off the kitchen.  It was just silly we thought– to use this narrow and steep staircase.  And who needs to go directly from the kitchen to their bedroom anyways?!  Especially when we have such a nice big staircase at the front of the house that opens up to all the rooms upstairs!  We told everyone this same thing when they asked about our new house.

Well, turns out the kitchen staircase wasn’t so silly after all.  And when it’s just the two of you, and you find yourselves spending very little time inside (especially when it’s warm out!), it made PERFECT sense to go directly from our bedroom to the kitchen in the morning, and from the kitchen to our bedroom at night.  In fact, sometimes I have to remind myself to vacuum the front staircase and rooms because they are basically in no man’s land.

OK, back to the dreams of remodeling.  Until any of these dreams actually come true, we started with a hanging pot rack to save cabinet space.  We also decided to put up two rails to hold pot lids, and S-hooks to hang utensils.  (All purchased from Amazon, check out the links!)  To keep the farmhouse appeal, we installed some tongue and groove boards from an old barn to the ceiling, and secured the pot rack to the boards.  We think it looks pretty cool.

And can anyone really disagree?

hanging pot rack



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  1. Mike Meyer says:

    Princess, as you have” vicariously ” documented earlier,other family members it has taken 30ish years for this event to happen. Kitchens are the toughest room in your house to remodel; it is the most used room; family meal /gathering place, last room you exit before going to work, office, and the list goes on ! (barn checks from yours) soo be patient, gather your ideas, and some day it will happen ! Gpa 2 mm

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