Homemade Invitations- Learning to Emboss

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So this year I have the honor of being my best friend’s matron of honor.  Along with that, I also have the honor of planning a bridal shower, bachelorette party, and kind of doing whatever else comes along.  Some of my first thoughts after we decided on a date for the bridal shower were Shutterfly! VistaPrint! Snapfish!  Then my next thoughts after looking at the prices were……maybe I can make the invitations like one of my bridesmaids did for my shower….well make them I did!  And might I say they turned out AWESOME.

My first trip to the craft store consisted of me walking through the aisles eyes huge, jaw dropped.  I was lost.  So I came home later that night, looked up some tutorials, and made a list.  The next day I went back to the craft store and got everything I needed.  Which consisted of:

  • Cardstock
  • Embossing Ink Pad – I chose a clear ink
  • Stamp – I chose a super cute jar with flowers
  • Embossing Powder – I chose white
  • Envelopes

First, I cut my cardstock down to standard paper size so I could feed it through my printer.  I printed two invites to a page.



After my invites were printed I stamped my jar and flowers next to each invite.  I did not use a ruler or anything so the spacing and alignment were not perfect, and each invite got to be slightly unique.

After I stamped my paper I used a scoop to spread the embossing powder over the entire stamp.  You want to make sure it is covered completely!  If not, you will be able to tell when you are heating the powder where you missed spots.  I only know this because I missed spots.  Don’t be afraid to over-powder the stamp, because you are going to tap off the extra onto a scrap paper anyways.  This way you can funnel it back into your jar to use again.

After this, I just flipped the invites over face down, and waved them over one of my burners on medium heat.


If the stove is heated up enough it will take less than a minute for the powder to harden.  Just be careful to not hold the paper too close to the burner, because it will start to curl and smoke.  Also you might want to use tongs or wear oven mitts because after a while your fingers get hot.  I moved the cardstock back and forth slowly so that way the heat didn’t focus on one area too long.  Plus I had two stamps at a time I was trying to heat up!

Invite edited

Wa-lah!  I was super proud of myself.  I made around 35 invites and it only took me a couple hours.  Ordering online would have cost me about $60, but making the invites myself cost me $34.01.


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