A Goat for My Birthday

I turned 30 last month.  It sounded a little scary at first, but as it approached I thought to myself–do I feel any different? No.  Do I look {much} different? No.  Am I living the life I want? Yep!  And I realized that’s all that matters.

I told my husband I wanted two things: A facial.  And an evening out to dinner in my hometown.  I got both of those things.  But what I also got…was a goat.
goat for my birthday

His name is Dinks, and he’s a three month old Boer goat.  His story goes something along the lines of this– he was a twin and his momma abandoned him and only fed his sibling.  Which left bottle-feeding as the only option.  Because of this, he’s a little smaller than the rest of his goat family–hence the name, Dinks– and he is super friendly.

While Dinks the Goat was a surprise, it wasn’t like a Oh my gosh what kind of birthday gift is this? kind of surprise.  Anyone who knows me is fully aware of my love for animals, and a goat is pretty much a normal gift for me.  Also, pet goats are not a new venture for me.

A Childhood With Goats

When my sister and I were young, my parents decided to get a pygmy goat.  Her name was Nelly, and she was basically huge.  As huge as a pygmy goat can be I suppose.  Then my parents decided to breed her, and she had the cutest little munchkins–Babs and Buster.  I’m actually not sure how I even remember those names.

Some things I remember about our goats:

They loved to munch on our hair.

They ate everything.  Where’d the flowers, decorations, or horse tails go?  The goats ate them.

Their horns hurt.  Even after removed–there was always a little ouchy stump.

Horns get caught in fences.  Fences have to be cut with wire cutters.  (My mom loves telling that story).

But most of all, I remember absolutely loving our goats.  As evidenced by these pictures.

goat for my birthday

Transitioning Dinks the Goat

So far we’ve learned that Dinks is pretty content just munching on his hay.  As long as he has free choice bales of hay all day long, he has no worries in the world.  After escaping twice–blog post about that coming soon– we built him a small stall in the barn…at 9PM on my birthday.  (Love ya Dinks, but I also love sleep.)

I’m also still working on integrating him with the horses.  My five year old mare wasn’t so sure at first about this small white thing who cries like an actual child, but she’s getting better.  For now, we continue supervised…play dates?

goat for birthday

I think my husband sort of knew what he was getting into when he married me, but I don’t think he ever imagined that a birthday goat would be in our future.

What unique (animal or not) gifts have you ever received for a birthday?

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