Freezing Food 101

I was not raised in a household where we preserved food in mass quantities.  My mom has told me of her canning days back when my sister and I were little, but we were too young to remember.  She tells stories of canning fruits and veggies with her mom and neighbor as my sister and I were most likely running around the house like two crazy miniature people.  I give her a lot of credit.  I have yet to can anything.  Or have kids.

But I have found a love for freezing.  While I do freeze complete meals for later, I am really more focused on freezing fruits and vegetables for later use.  The best part is 90% of these fruits and veggies we grow right in our backyard.  Oh, we also didn’t garden very much growing up.  So when family and friends hear that I am gardening AND freezing I get comments like “Wait, whose daughter are you?”

Something else we all need to remember is that frozen fruits and veggies ARE good for you.  The key is to make sure there are no added ingredients, especially sugar, when it comes to frozen food.  Of course if you are freezing the food you grow at home, YOU decide what goes into the package.

Yes, I do understand that some dishes are better with fresh instead of frozen.  So out of season you will still find yourself at the store.  But all those crockpot meals, casserole dishes, and sautéed meals are PERFECT for frozen foods.  I promise you.  Because that is what my home consists of.


Our freezer, after a few months of eating from it.

Our freezer, after a few months of eating from it.

And check out my guide to freezing–it’s perfect for a quick and easy reference, especially for us newbies!  Pin it, bookmark it, share it.  And Enjoy!

Freezing Fruits and Vegetables




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