Five Ways to a Happier Me


The old saying that only you can make yourself happy is so true.  But sometimes little things in life like obligations, stress, and pressure from yourself or others can get in the way of your happiness.  And so can being overly busy.   That’s no fun, and so I decided to “let some things go,” this year.

So far I have:

1. Stopped caring what others think.  OK, you got me, I stopped caring about this years ago.  But it’s still SO important to be at the top of the list.  My family and close friends know me.  They get me.  We have each others’ backs, and we love each other no matter what.  That person judging me for how I dress, what kind of vehicle I drive, how I talk/walk/do anything in general?  Truly don’t care what they think.  At.  All.

2. Let go of the perfectly decorated and magazine-inspired home idea.  I just don’t have time for that.  Who does?  Well, according to Pinterest, several people do.  And good for them.  But I’m not one of them.  I’ve got animals who want fed twice a day, barns to clean, and horses to ride.  And a husband to help on the farm, take food to, and squeeze in any possible time with.  Those are the things that make me happy.  And the things I’d look back and regret missing out on because I was too busy making my house photo-shoot ready.

3. Forgot about any landscaping except for mowing the grass and keeping the weeds at bay (for the most part).  Bushes, flowers, ground cover–those are all very beautiful things.  But also very time consuming.  I’ve planted a few perennials that I immensely enjoy.  Mainly because they come back every year on their very own.  And I threw out a few wildflower seeds.  Other than that, keeping the grass mowed and the weeds down is enough work.

4. Started to learn the art of “no.”  This one is hard.  I do find myself having a bit of “fear of missing out,” sometimes.  But there are plenty of other times where I’m perfectly okay with missing out, and would rather do the things I want to do.  Family and friends’ events are the ones that really put obligatory stress at a maximum, but sometimes you have to make tough choices.

5. Stopped putting pressure on myself.  Well, I’m still working on this one.  Life happens as it’s supposed to, and I am trying to constantly remind myself of this.  I just need to work towards the things I want, and not worry so much about when, where, and how.

What are the things that have led you to a happier life?




  1. mike meyer says:

    Princess, amazing articles !! Family,faith,best friends, and a random “chat” with a total stranger; have molded us into the people we are. Some of these lessons, has taken myself, way to long to learn !?!? Gpa 2 mm

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