Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel: Step One

Sometimes I feel like it’s really hard to figure out what step one of a project is.  When you’re just eager to get the project done and see the final outcome, your mind just starts racing in every possible direction.  Luckily, my husband had already thought our kitchen remodel through, and knew the first step.  Removing the door in the kitchen and framing in a window.  It’s a door we no longer use.  In fact, I can’t believe we EVER used it.

I mean it’s a nice door and all–but walking directly into the kitchen??  Right into the path of where someone might be standing at the sink or even the stove?  Yep, many a time this is exactly what happened.  We probably used this door for a good year.  We bought a small island on wheels that we placed between the end of the counter and the wall so we could drop stuff as we walked into the kitchen.  And we actually kicked our shoes off right there, too.  The more I think about it, the more I think WHY DID WE DO THAT TO OURSELVES.  And here’s why….

If you look to the left, you’ll see another door.  A door that goes into a beautiful, recently remodeled and open room with a closet.  A CLOSET.  Like where you put that stuff and shoes I mentioned above, perhaps?  I started to casually bring up the idea to my husband of using that door instead.  He thought I was crazy, and didn’t know why we wouldn’t just continue using the kitchen door because it is directly up the porch stairs.  I told him we should just try it, and see how it went.  I heard things like But there’s carpet in that room, and our shoes will get it all dirty.  So I have to carry my stuff through that room and into the kitchen? 

But the decision had been made.  In my head.  So I bought a cute little storage bench from Bed Bath & Beyond.  Almost cried while trying to put it together.  But I did it.  So now we could walk in, set our stuff down on the bench, and even sit on it to put on or take off our shoes.  And what do you know–it was right next to that wonderful closet!  After a while, my husband was convinced.  Which was good, because there was no going back anyways.

Now fast forward about two years, and that door is gone.  And instead there is a window I will soon be looking out while standing at my new apron-front sink.

We had to get a little creative on the outside.  The porch, like the rest of the house, is brick, and we really didn’t want to take on the additional project of laying brick.  I had the idea of using red barn wood in hopes it would kind of blend in with the red brick.  And then we used white barn wood to frame around the window because the top half of the porch is white brick.  We both like how it turned out, and I plan to decorate with some rustic décor at some point.

Do you have any quirky things in your house that you’ve had to change?

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