Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel: Painting and Building Cabinets

Our kitchen remodel is moving slowly along.  We conquered step one about a month ago, and are now onto painting and building cabinets.   We decided on a similar layout to what we have now, but because we got a new sink and are moving the plumbing, we needed some additional cabinets.

As for painting, I’ve painted the ceilings, window frames, and door frames so far.  Just today I started on the walls. Even though I’ve changed my mind a hundred times, I have finally decided on a lighter color for the walls, and a slightly darker color for the cabinets.  For the first time ever, I actually bought paint samples and tried them out on the wall before deciding.  I stared at the two colors for about a week until I made my decision.

I decided on the color on the left – Sherwin Williams “Calico Cream.”

While I’ve been driving myself crazy with paint colors, my husband has been in our barn building some beautiful cabinets.  I’m really impressed with his cabinet-building skills, and am really excited to get them into place!

Right now these cabinets are actually sitting in our entryway while we move onto the next step– ripping up the floor so we can get the cabinets in place.  Underneath that beautiful (sarcasm) red linoleum was a very pretty hardwood floor.  It appears to have been the sub-floor, but I am sure at some point it was the actual floor in the kitchen.  What I didn’t expect was having to pull out a million staples!  Oh, the things you find while remodeling…

I’m just happy we are past step one, and our plan is going well so far.  I know we have quite a while to go, but we are getting there.  How long have home projects taken you to complete?


    • Slfruth says:

      Why thank you! They are already covered up though–with “gunmetal oak” laminate that I fell in love with before we even discovered the wood floor. We still have some beautiful hardwood floor in our office…that someday will get the TLC it needs!

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