Farmhouse Fixes: Walk-In Closet

Because our house is old it does not contain many closets.  It was built during the time when closets weren’t a thing, and people had armoires for their clothes and shoes.  (I actually have one of those, too, thanks to an auction!)

Fortunately, the previous owners built closets in various rooms, and I was able to snag a nice one outside of our bedroom.  We have this space between our bedroom and the hallway to the stairs, that also has a bathroom off of it.  I refer to it as the landing, and with a door at the hallway, it becomes our own master suite.  So we decided to add some shelving to make it into a big “walk-in” closet.

My husband scored a ton of brand new shelving at an auction for a bargain.  And we finally put it to use.  He was using the small (and maybe even original) closet in our bedroom.  It is also in a not so convenient place right next to our bedroom door.  He still uses it but now he can put his everyday clothes in our walk-in closet for easier access.

My closet is just diagonally across from this, so it makes it really convenient for putting clothes away.  We were really excited to finish this project and have since added bulky sweaters and other odds and ends on the shelves.  SO much easier than trying to cram things in drawers!

Do you have any areas in your home you’ve turned into a closet, or transformed to serve a specific purpose?


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