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So each year when the holidays roll around, I get a little discouraged by the “must buy gifts for everyone!” mentality that seems to take over.  I truly enjoy spending the holidays with our families, but I don’t enjoy that everyone feels obligated to buy gifts for everyone else.  Last year my sister had requested a custom-made barn wood sign, and it gave me a thought to make signs as gifts.  No, not everyone got one–but the people who I knew would absolutely love and appreciate a barn wood sign did.

2014 Gifts

2014 Gifts


This year I went homemade again.  I made some small items, so I was able to stretch my giving abilities a little bit.  (Hey, this DIY stuff takes a lot of time!)  I like to incorporate a little bit of our farm into the gifts, so last year the barn wood and hardware were the pieces of our farm in the gifts.  This year I went the route of skin care and edible products, so barn wood and hardware weren’t going to fit the bill.



You can find the recipe for the Lemongrass & Peppermint Balm here, and the Lavender and Grapefruit Body Butter recipe here.

We also packaged some honey for our grandparents–one bottle is even en route to Florida right now!



If our chickens were still laying regularly I would have loved to package up cute little egg cartons as gifts, too.  Maybe next year!

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