DIY Kitchen Remodel: When You Change Your Mind in The Middle

If you check out my previous post about remodeling our kitchen, you’ll read that I have been lightly suggesting the remodel for a few years.  I kept saying it seems like it would be so easy to just move the sink and create more counter space.  You know, no plumbing issues to consider or anything…..;)  Well, when I finally talked my husband into the remodel we went back and forth on how we could re-design the layout.  After much Google-ing and trying to remember what our friends’ and families’ kitchens looked like, we finally decided on a layout.  We would go with an L-shape counter to create a more open floor plan and allow for our table to sit in the middle.  And there’s two sections of our kitchen we are leaving as is–besides painting cabinets and getting new countertops.

After framing in a new window, some demolition, and some painting, we stood amongst the mess and looked around.  We tried to figure out once again how we would make our layout work.  We’ve got very tall and low windows, and we were going to have to get creative with our counters and cabinets.  We pulled out the tape measure and tried to envision how it would look, we bounced ideas off of each other, and then very quietly I said…What if….we do a similar layout to what we have now?  (which is U-shaped)

My husband had no words.  He just laughed and when he finally spoke, he said he didn’t like changing things in the middle of a project.  Which I understood.  But I explained to him that since we were basically still on step one, it would not affect the project in any way.  We would still need the new cabinet he was building.  We would still be gaining counter space.  So he said it was fine as long as it would make me happy.  I told him, yes.

Since we are keeping a similar layout, we are talking about an extended countertop for the peninsula so we can add seating.  But our kitchen is not very big, and it won’t leave much room for the table.  We’ve talked about putting it against the wall for now and maybe getting a longer, narrow table later on.

The other option I’ve considered is bench seating off the peninsula–I absolutely love the look of this!  It would help save space and create storage if needed.

I really can’t decide….but there’s plenty of time for me to drive myself crazy over it since we’re not even close to this step yet!  What do you guys think–which do you like better?

(But imagine a table being squeezed in behind those tall chairs!)



  1. Heather says:

    Definitely the bench! We have family members that have the bar stools squeezed in next to a table and it is crowded and cumbersome. If someone is sitting at the island, you either have to go around the other side of the table of suck it in to squeeze by.

    If it is just the two of you, and the extra seating isn’t essential, I would go with the bench. It just looks less cluttered and invites you to sit around the table to eat and talk.

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