DIY Barn Door

I’ve been asking my husband for a barn door  in the house for quite some time.  Between salvaging doors and boards from barns we’ve torn down, and other lumber we have–I knew we had the supplies.  Apparently making it happen at the same time we decided to remodel the kitchen was the right answer for us.  Because it’s done!  ….The barn door that is, not the kitchen….

My husband used ash boards to build the door, and a horseshoe for the handle.  The cannonball track and rollers came from a barn he tore down, and he just had to cut the track to length.  I chose an espresso stain from Varathane, which turned out to be darker than I thought.  It didn’t help that the room the door was going to go in does not get much light.  So I moped about it looking black for a good day, and then got over it.  I decided it wasn’t worth the stress and I needed to stay sane through all the projects.

We reinforced the track and heavy door by screwing two boards onto the wall–two because one ended up not being thick enough to keep the door from rolling against the door frame.  We learned this the hard way– after getting the door into place and scraping the frame.

Once we got it into place I realized it matched the cabinets on my HomeGoods cabinet!  Total score.

I just need to go back and stain in between the boards since they have shrunk a little since hanging the door.

It only took a few days to get the whole thing done…spread across about two weeks.  But still– we did it!  And if we can, so can you!

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