Western-Inspired Shopping Trip

Last weekend I made the drive down to the All American Quarter Horse Congress in Columbus, Ohio.  I try to go every year to shop and sometimes watch the competitions.  Barrel racing and pole pending — the events I’m interested in– are always the last week of the month-long show, but it doesn’t always work out that I get to go at that time.  But the shopping is always available!  Plus, this year I went the weekend that my friends were working.  We only get to see each other when one of us has an important life event (so far, weddings), so it was really great to get together!

This year I went with a short list and got everything on it.  I also indulged a little and bought a few things that were not on the list.  Hey, it happens.

I ended up doing all of my “fashion” shopping at Rod’s.  They have a huge store set up at Congress, and carry a TON of cute things for western fashion enthusiasts and their homes.  (Hint, hint–I’m one of those enthusiasts.)

For me:


It took me two trips to decide on the hat, but I am so glad I got it.  And thanks to my friends for talking me into it!  I love the heavy stitching and bling combination.  The jeans are my usual style for fashion and riding– boot cut, long, comfortable, and with heavy stitching.

Shop these styles here:

Olive & Pique Bling Ball Cap

Grace in LA Good Intentions

For our home:











I’m currently obsessed with feathers, arrows, and dreamcatchers.  Basically anything symbolizing creating and following your own path.  Shop this reversible beauty here:  Wild & Untamed Feather Pillow


skull-floral-pillowIt’s safe to say there was absolutely NO second guessing on this purchase.  I could not love it more.  (Couldn’t find the link for this one!)

What are some of your favorite stores that fit your lifestyle?



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