Beating the Heat

When I got home from work Wednesday night I wasn’t feeling well, but the only thing on my mind was to make sure all of the animals were prepared for the heat wave that was coming.  I kept saying I would get done what I could, then take a break and rest, but my rest didn’t last very long.  I didn’t want to be unprepared come morning time!

I know it seems like common sense to make sure all of the animals have water and shelter, but it is still really helpful to make a list and check things off.   Especially when you have to go to work all day and aren’t able to check on any of the animals.  Here’s the list I made for myself the other night.

beat the heat to do list

Once fans were hung, waters were topped off, and water bottles and treats were in the freezer, I called it a night.  Only to wake up earlier than usual to get everything ready for the day.



I hung a fan in the barn for one of my horses that had to be stalled for a day after a vet procedure.  I knew even with barn doors open it would get pretty warm, so I wanted to make sure she had a nice breeze.  While I may not have to use it the next few days now that she won’t be cooped up, at least it’s there if I need it again!

chicken coop fan

I also hung a fan in the coop to face the nesting boxes so the girls aren’t too hot when laying us their scrumptious and beautiful eggs.  You can also see the frozen ice treats I give the girls on hot days.  I fill up small dishes with water and veggie scraps, and they get a nice cold treat as the blocks of ice melt.

water bottle 1

water bottle 2

I drop the frozen water bottles into the chicken and duck waterers to keep the water cold for as long as possible.

The animals really do appreciate all of this hard work, even though they can’t tell us they do. 😉  When an animal is comfortable and healthy, and has all of the basic necessities, it makes everyone happy and less stressed.



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