Apple Cider Vinegar – On The Farm

Apple Cider Vinegar use doesn’t have to stop at your house!  I have containers and bottles of ACV designated for use outside.

The biggest thing we used ACV for last year outside was as an all natural insect repellent.  I followed pretty much the same ratio that I do for cleaning, 3 parts water to 1 part ACV, and I would spray it on myself and the dogs before going outside.  I used it a lot when tending to the garden.  With all the rain we got in such a short period of time last year, I could barely stand being out there with all the bugs.  The ACV did a pretty good job taking care of that issue.

ACV is said to help improve digestion, prevent urinary tract infections, and act as a natural antibiotic, among many other things.  These few things are the main reason I add ACV to our dogs’ water.  I usually add only about a teaspoon to their 16 oz. water dish, and they never have a problem drinking.  With all of the stuff they get into outside that they shouldn’t, I like that something so natural can help it get through their system.

The other animals on our farm who get ACV in their water… the chickens!  I give it to them for basically the same reasons as the dogs, plus for increased calcium absorption–which is needed to lay eggs!  The chickens’ water dish in the summer is 5 gallons, and I put about 1/4 cup in it each time I refill.  In the winter we use a smaller heated waterer, so I cut the ACV down to just a couple tablespoons.

For skin conditions, things like skin allergies can sometimes be treated by adding the ACV to water.  But you can also apply it topically to red and irritated skin.  I always dilute it, especially if using it on an animal for the first time.  The amount of ACV can always be increased from there.


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