Apple Cider Vinegar for Health and Beauty

Apple Cider Vinegar is pretty much a staple in my health and beauty routine.  I add a teaspoon to my water or tea as often as I can remember to.  I won’t say that I have acquired a taste for it but I do tolerate it.

To get started with adding ACV to your routine, try some of these!

  • Facial Toner:  Mix with water, witch hazel, tea tree oil, and lavender
  • Face Mask:  Mix with bentonite clay to exfoliate
  • Conditioning hair cleanser: Mix half and half with water, spray it on hair at the beginning of shower, and rinse out at the end.  **Between our well water and my thick hair I tend to get mineral and product build up, making it hard to get a comb through.  After using ACV a few times I was able to comb right through!
  • Teeth Whitener: Mix with baking soda and gently scrub to remove stains

My husband has also had great success in removing warts with it.  He applied it to a cotton ball, wrapped it to keep it in place overnight, and after a few nights his warts were gone.

Other uses I have found for it include soothing sunburns, relieving heartburn, helping digestive upset, and fighting allergies.  I always dilute ACV with water, especially when using it for a particular issue the first time.  You can always increase the amount of ACV after you get used to it.

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