A Place to Hang the Towel

While I absolutely love our home– an 1870s brick farmhouse– it was definitely lacking in some areas.  Most of them are minor, but really make a difference when trying to run a household!  One of these minor yet important items was that there was no place to hang the hand towel in the upstairs bathroom.  I despise having a towel just lie on the counter, especially when the surface area you have to work with is minimal.  So I went out to our barn and found some old wood, a hook, and some nails.  I put a coat of lacquer on the pieces of wood, arranged them how I wanted them, and had my husband nail them together.  Then I spray painted the hook a nice shiny black to match the other hardware in the bathroom, and had him screw it into the wood.  We fastened it to the wall, and hung up the towel!  It is simple things like this that really make me happy.





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