A Place To Hang Farm Clothes

We have a two by four with nails in it along the back wall of our mud room.  If you couldn’t guess by the name of this post, it’s for hanging farm clothes. It is nothing fancy, but it was there when we bought the place.  But if you have ever tried to hang a pair of Carhartt bibs on a nail, then you know the struggle.  Most don’t come with a loop, so you are stuck trying to perfectly lay two thick straps over a small nail.  The bibs fall, it never fails.

Well, my husband has torn down a couple barns in the past two years, and we ended up with some pretty awesome barn wood.  As re-repurposing becomes more popular, we have started to put this barn wood to good use!  My husband took a board and put a coat of stain and polyurethane on, and then found some railroad spikes near a friend’s house, and made a beefed up version of the current two by four with nails.  Check it out!

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